Starry Wisdom

New tales of William Hope Hodgson's CARNACKI.

CARNACKI operates in shadowy occult realms, on the fringes of science, in places out of sight and out of mind of normal everyday people. But sometimes the darkness touches the lives of others in ways they cannot understand, and they find they need help - the kind of help that only Carnacki can provide.

In STRANGERS ON THE SHORE and STARRY WISDOM Carnacki is called on to help a young Winston Churchill investigate an ancient artifact in a Kent sea cave, and in facing up to a sect of London gentlemen seeking illicit pleasures and a path to power.

In THE KEYS TO THE DOOR, Carnacki helps a Scotland Yard inspector in ridding him of a decades old nemesis from Whitechapel

In other tales you will meet a strange body in Carnacki's library, a thing in a lake that may be some kind of god, a very strange occurrence in a church belfry, an old Edinburgh townhouse that contains a vile secret, a place in Glasgow where strange sigils and totems take on a special power, weird haunts on an English canal and much more.

In these new stories Carnacki helps old friends and new acquaintances in the never ending battle to keep the Great Beyond at bay.


  • The Lakeside Cottages
  • The Hound
  • The West Bow Townhouse
  • Beneath the Greenwood Tree
  • A Body in the Library
  • The Lute in the Manor House
  • Bats in the Belfry
  • Strangers on the Shore
  • The Grunting Man
  • The Lock Keeper's Cottage
  • The Keys to the Door
  • The Glasgow House
  • Starry Wisdom



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